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Allison Clendaniel is an interdisciplinary artist in Baltimore, MD. Her work encompasses sound, classical & extended vocal technique, performance art, movement, technology, and theatre. 


A versatile performer and improviser, Allison has composed and played music for voice, synthesizer, piano, computer, cello, and theremin in both solo and collaborative environments. She currently focuses her artistic attention at the intersectionality between technology and acoustic instruments. She has studied voice and movement with legendary performer and composer, Meredith Monk at the House Foundation, clowning with Globus Hystericus, and has toured extensively through North America as a teacher and performing artist. 


An avid advocate for the arts, she is the Artistic Director of Mind on Fire, a modular chamber orchestra, and co-founder of Feral Woman, a theatre troupe in Baltimore, MD. During the day, she works supporting designers of theatre with Baltimore based company, Figure 53. 


She tries to build beautiful things around her, crafting songs, making theatre, and working permanently as a solo artist and with her collaborative projects: Nudie Suits, The Flowery, In the Womb of the Everywhere Room, Feral Woman, and Mind On Fire.





Sam Torres Photography

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